3 Keys to Selling Your Home Faster

You love your house. You have made lots of happy memories there and put time and energy into decorating and furnishing. But what if you need to sell your home and it sits on the housing market for weeks with no one seemingly interested?

The best thing you can do is take action. Ask the people who have viewed your home what they thought about it. Ask your real estate agent to email surveys that prospects could complete anonymously or keep surveys on-site during open houses. Gather feedback about what is great and what’s not. Addressing these buyer turn offs can be the key to get your home off the market quickly.

Keep Your Home Clean

Do you have your child’s toys scattered on the floor, heaps of unfolded laundry lying around, neglected piles of junk mail and receipts on top of the dresser? All of these things give an impression that your home has not been kept in the best order. Clutter also gives the impression of a lack of sufficient storage space. Cleanse your home of unnecessary belongings before buyers start looking through it.

Update Your Outdated Decor

Floral wallpaper in the bedroom to brass doorknobs are some examples of outdated home decor. And these are a few of a buyer’s least favorite things. Certain home decor elements are red flags and scream outdated. Buyers are not interested in spending even more time and money to bring their new house into the modern era. Spending thousands on a remodel is unnecessary when there is easy and affordable kitchen updates for your budget. Simply swapping brass knobs and hinges for a chrome or satin-nickel finish or painting the wood paneling white can be a quick and easy fix. These improvements could cost less than one hundred dollars and make a massive difference in the way your home shows to home buyers.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Dust and clean places where fur tends to hide and keep all pets and pet accessories out of sight during showings.

Create a Blank Canvas for Home Buyers

You want home buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. But that is hard to do when they cannot get past your children’s’ artwork on the fridge or the purple sofa in the living room. Start depersonalizing your home to make more of a blank canvas for the home buyer’s imagination. That does not mean your house should be empty but it does require removing any abstract artwork or questionable decor. When your home is ready for viewing, it should reflect a neutral taste. Try to make a clean look. You may personally think beige walls are very boring, but your goal is not to satisfy yourself. It is to attract a wide audience. Stripping away the things that made your house yours can be hard and emotional, but remember that it is no longer your house now. It is time to hand it over to new owners who will love it in their own way.

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