5 Festive Ways To Enjoy the Holidays in Phoenix, Arizona

Looking for new and festive ways to enjoy the holidays in Phoenix, Arizona this year doesn’t need to be a challenge. In fact, we’ve put together a few of our favorite upcoming holiday events to help kick-start your holiday spirit!

  1. Las Noches De Las Luminarias

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to kick off your holiday spirit, this is it. The luminarias are small lights in large bags, the combination of which creates a beautiful glow, and this year the botanical gardens are lined with nearly 8,000 of them!


The Las Noches de las Luminarias event has only grown over the years, and not just in the number of lights. This year there will be 10 different entertainers, handbell ensembles, and several beverages and food options. You can walk around taking in the lights with warm cider or hot cocoa and then sit down to a delicious meal afterward!

The best thing about this event is that the entertainment roster, you can come back several times and each evening will be a little different than the last!

  1. Holidays At the Heard

Starting on December 26th, the Heard Museum will be providing a great way to enjoy the holidays in Phoenix that most other people will never get to experience. This is because most areas don’t have a Native American Indian Art center that puts on an event to celebrate and showcase the culture that came before us.


During the 5 day event, dancers, art demonstrations, and group lead art activities will be gracing the museum. Each day, a different tribe will be showcasing their customs for you to see and become involved with. This is a great event to take the kids to because each and every day will be new and exciting for them.

You have the dual benefit of keeping your children entertained and having the whole family learn something new about the cultures that lived on the same ground that you stand on hundreds of years ago!

  1. ZooLights: Phoenix

If you’re a sucker for Christmas lights like we are, then this event is for you! The zoo is redecorated so you can enjoy the holidays with two and a half million lights to brighten your evening. You saw that right, 2.5 MILLION lights!

Not only is this event a sight to behold, but the ZooLights: Let It Glow event also has your opportunity to take pictures with Santa, nightly snowfall, and seasonal food and drinks. This is one of the largest light display in the entire Southwest, so as much fun as driving around the competitive neighborhoods to see their lights is, you need to make a trip to this year’s ZooLights event to be truly blown away.

You have all the way until January 14th to visit, but be sure to buy tickets early as they tend to sell out quickly!

  1. Ballet Arizona’s The Nutcracker

You may have seen one of the many recorded The Nutcracker performances out there, but nothing quite compares to seeing a professional ballet performance in person. This year, Ballet Arizona’s The Nutcracker is guaranteed to make crowds stand and applaud in appreciation of the beauty of the performance each night.



This is one ballet event that is known to bring people to tears, and inspire children of all ages to pursue an education in dance. The Nutcracker is a timeless classic that will catch your attention and hold it throughout its entirety. If you haven’t seen this performance before, be sure to get your tickets soon. Attending may just bring back the feeling of wonder you had each Christmas as a child!

  1. Glendale Glitters Spectacular

Enjoy the holidays this year in Phoenix with a crowd favorite, The Glendale Glitters Spectacular! Each weekend, starting November 24th, the downtown area is lit up with almost 1.5 million lights. This covers an entire 16 blocks of shops and restaurants.


Not only is it beautiful to look at, but each evening has opportunities to have a great time with concerts, special event food, horse-drawn carriage rides, and much more! Also, on select nights there are themed events like the Winter Wonderland, Gingerbread Nights, and during the closing ceremonies event “The Glitter and Glow Block Party” there will be hot air balloons placed throughout the event along with unique holiday treats!

Need More?

There are tons of ways to enjoy the holidays in Phoenix, Arizona this year that we haven’t mentioned! If you’re looking to locate your next home near a great events area, you can give us a call at (480) 405-6464 or email us at info@desertnorthrealty.com and we can give you plenty of location to look at!