Top 6 Things to Do in Order to Sell Your Arizona Home For Top Dollar

Let’s face it. No one who is selling a home wants to keep it on the market for months, having it show-ready when a prospective buyer’s agent calls. The ideal scenario is to get the house ready for the market, have it priced right, and sell it quickly. So how do you do that in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

There are some real estate markets that seem to always stay strong, like New York City, Boston and Seattle. They may have fluctuations but generally speaking it is a seller’s market. Bidding wars are common and properties don’t stay on the market for very long: sometimes just a few days. In the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, the market, like most of the rest of the country, will change with the economy. It is common for a home in this area to take 60 to 90 days to sell. So if you are in the market to sell, what can you do to make sure your home is…a home run?

When to Sell
There are a lot of opinions about the best time to list your property. In general, we agree with two modes of thought:

Spring and Early Summer–we know we are ‘preaching to the choir’ here, but Phoenix summers can be brutal. People are more likely to be house hunting when the weather is more temperate. Also, longer days and parents with school-age children are more likely to want to buy during this time period, so they can move in during the summer and get their children settled in before school starts. So avoid listing your house in July or August.

Fall and Early Winter–this is the time when you can catch a lot of snowbirds who may be looking for a home in the area. This would be more important if your home is in an area where newly retired people want to live.

What’s It Worth?
A strong real estate team like Desert North Realty can help you honestly assess the value of your home. While it can be enticing to overprice your home, this strategy can backfire quickly. Potential home buyers with some savvy will know the comps (comparative houses that have recently sold) and will know the price per square foot that has been selling in your neighborhood. Our team can assist you in finding the right price that keeps people talking about your property and making offers on it.

First Impressions
We mentioned the problem with having a home listed during our intense Arizona summers. Put yourself in the place of a potential homebuyer. If a house doesn’t have curb appeal, are you tempted to get out and look at it anyway, or just tell your real estate agent to ‘move on’? When the thermometer routinely goes north of 100 degrees (yes we know it is a dry heat, but it is still incredibly hot) you need to be sure your home has fabulous curb appeal in order to get them from an air-conditioned car into your home. Curb appeal means everything from fresh landscaping to fresh paint to a new mailbox. Anything you can do that tells a prospective buyer that you take good care of the property and have an eye for aesthetics will benefit you in the long run. So mow your yard, trim those shrubs and hedges, and plant a few colorful (heat tolerant) plants!

Enough With the Stuff
We know. We are all attached to our stuff. Our personal mementos, our family pics from that great reunion ten years ago, that ski trip that was just awesome back in the 90’s, those Arizona State and Arizona flags in your mancave. We understand. But people who walk into your home need to visualize it as Their Home, and that means decluttering your space of your personal items. The added benefit of removing the stuff is that you have already started packing for your move!

Color Me Neutral
Now this may be painful, but if you have a lovely room that is painted in turquoise, you might take a trip to your local hardware store and buy some neutral paint. Color is a very personal thing, and the more neutral you can make your walls, the easier it will be for a prospective buyer to envision their own style there.

Accentuate the Positive
Talk with our team to uncover what is uniquely positive about your home. Maybe you’ve updated your kitchen or bathroom. You may have an incredible firepit in your backyard. How about a landscaped pool for our Arizona summers? There are certainly things that differentiate your home from other listings, and our team at Desert North Realty can help you!

How about your neighborhood? Be sure and point out the proximity of your home to good restaurants, entertainment venues, golf courses, and good schools. If you are looking to sell your home in the Scottsdale Unified School District, then play up the school system and other family-friendly amenities. If you are selling a home that is more suited to an empty-nester, then mentioning the golf courses, restaurants, and health clubs nearby will get you noticed.

Contact us so our team of experts at Desert North Realty can help you avoid the pitfalls when putting your home on the market, and insuring a great result!